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Equipped with extended theoretical knowledge, accompanied with many years of practice, as well as knowledge of the media market and far-reaching contacts with media people - operating at nationwide, regional or trade levels - we profess to be able to lend our clients a hand at presenting their achievements and opinions, as well as generating favorable atmosphere around. Furthermore, we make sure our clients are perceived as trustworthy, either by their own employees or the environment in which they operate.
Our belief is that, because we function from the outside, we are capable of looking at many aspects from a different perspective and can therefore be of great help while solving problems which may be not infrequently overlooked in the company
everyday work.

SAY.it public relations is a full service PR agency founded in the year 2000
(since 1997 we worked as Czajka&Kurowski PR)
The following people are responsible for execution on supervision
of our company projects:

Rafal Boruc - graduate from the University of Economics (major in Economic Commentary and PR); 1995 - 2000 financial columnist of Wprost magazine;
since 1995 contributing editor of Handel magazine.

Michal Czajka
- graduate from the University of Economics
(major in Economic Commentary and PR);
1995 - 1998 employed in TVP S.A. (public television broadcast) in Poznań, announcer, reporter, editor of the economic magazine aired by TVP S.A.
1999 - 2000 author and executor of Business Report magazine aired by TV Polonia;
1997 - 2000 co-owner of Czajka&Kurowski PR

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PCL (High Tech PR)

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