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Because of the widespread conviction that advertising is a powerful tool,
street billboards, television and radio spots as well as press advertisements have become an inalienable part of our environment. Advertising has become omnipresent and thus it has gradually lost its persuasiveness. Consequently, the cost of getting through to potential clients is constantly rising. The 21st century consumers are more and more sceptical about ads and expect reliable information. This is public relations that satisfies this particular need.

In the last decades of the 20th century, the almost one-hundred-year-old public relations techniques became indispensable in promotion of organizations whose will was to come into the light or remain conspicuous on the market. Only when those in charge of large companies became aware of that, working on the company image was declared one of the most efficient ways of making company investments. According to study commissioned by IABC Research Foundation in the mid eighties, return index of finance resources invested in PR campaigns was as high as 184 percent.

Each company functions in a particular environment. Its success is determined to a large extent by the way it is perceived by clients, contracting parties, investors, its employees as well as authorities. Trust, understanding and support on the part of the environment is capital of great importance. Designing a well-organized system of communication with all the groups interested in the company's actions is a precondition of achieving this goal.

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