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- We analyze the existing company image and specify the advisable one:

- We design and execute designing a desirable organization image strategies and external communication strategies

- We establish and maintain relations with the media (formal and informal), including: press announcements and news, direct appointments and press conferences

- We provide investors, contracting parties as well as co-operatives and any institutions showing interest comprehensive information about organization and its work

- We maintain constant touch with clients and contracting, including occasional receptions, competitions, constant information access (company bulletin) et al.

- We support information campaigns for the company employees, including corporation bulletins and integration receptions

- We offer assistance in launching new products and we make their public relations campaigns

- We select and tailor sponsoring actions

- We predict crises and carry out threaten-reputation strategies

- We offer assistance in creating systems of company visual identity

- We monitor press publications and public opinion

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- case study 1/03: jajka Columbus

- case study 2/03: Wzmocnić wizerunek sieci Amadeus (przed i po 11. września 2001)

- case study 3/03: Plysu Containers zdobywa nowe rynki

- case study 4/03: Folia elastyczna powoduje raka (Crisis PR)

- case study 5/03: 
PCL (High Tech PR)

- case study 6/03: NVISS

- case study 7/03: Little Chef


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